Auto Insurance

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Auto insurance protects you when you met with an accident, it’s kind of a contract between the customer and the company as the customer agrees to pay the premium to the company and the company agrees to pay off the losses.

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What is Auto Insurance

An auto insurance includes six types of coverages, many states says that the customer should buy all six of them and in some state, it is not mandatory to buy all the coverages you can choose the best out of them as per your need.

Many of the auto insurance companies policies are for 6 months or for a year, the insurance company should tell you the exact period of the policy and the time when it has to be renewed.

Why do you need auto insurance?

Auto insurance is all about protecting yourself financially.

If you met with an accident, or your vehicle gets stolen it costs you a lot of money which could be a very tedious task for you and may make burden you financially.

If because of you or your car someone else car or property is damaged then the full burden of being sued by law can fall on you.

If the passengers in the car are badly injured the medical cost can be more than what you think.

Many of the states in the United States say the person should have the minimum coverage which helps them in saving the customers on their insurance.

Questions which you need to ask your agent!

Your independent agent will help you in fulfilling your specific needs which you want, but few things should be clear between you and your insurance agent.

How you can low the premium and for what coverage you are qualified if you get in an accident.

What are the discounts available for you? If multiple discounts are available, then ask for the discounts like the student discounts.

How the claims will be settled, ask the procedure and then go ahead.